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AdaLand Without Filters

What is AdaLand really? Let us put aside the script for a moment. At AdaLand, we are continuously improving and attempt to take the next step into the direction of what is relevant tomorrow, not what is relevant today. Our long term goal is not to just establish any metaverse on the Cardano chain, we aim higher.
Our true goal with this metaverse is to establish our metaverse as a platform for everyone, not just the Cardano community. The ultimate goal is to use this platform, to onboard millions of people that has yet to see the potential of the Cardano space. We believe there is a lot of potential yet to be explored on Cardano, therefore our goal is not just aimed at the Cardano community, but the rest of the world. All this, while implementing and keeping the true values of Cardano deep embedded in our metaverse. This is done by the philosophy that drives AdaLand, to act as a front and an ecosystem around the community and its surroundings.
This is also reflected virtually in our metaverse with in-game tributes to Cardano symbols such as The Statue of Charles and The Museum of Cardano which can be found in the finished version of the game.

AdaLand Philosophy

AdaLands vision is to re-invent the metaverse space on the Cardano blockchain. At AdaLand Corp, we believe that there is so much potential in this space that is yet to be explored and utilised. How do we make sure that this potential is unlocked? By letting our members, our community and shareholders to be a part of the adventure. We believe that the only way to keep this a sustainable project is to enable 5 core elements:
  • A solid team that share the same vision
  • A foundation in which the project is built on. Our why.
  • Solid roadmap with utilities and attractive elements to it (That are realistic and
  • Creativity at its finest. Think outside the box. Do not reinvent the wheel. Invent the
    next thing.
  • Treat the community as a part of the development, not as an income.
These 5 elements act as the very foundation on what AdaLand is built upon.
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