AdaLand Library


Section 4
The development of a fully immersive metaverse is time consuming and is not a process that will be finish over the night. Therefore we have decided to provide our community with a small playable demo on our website for you to virtually explore the idea behind AdaLand.
Note that this demo does not represent the full game and metaverse experience of AdaLand. It serves simply as a test product of how we envision a basic representation of AdaLand can be. Therefore many assets are not done or fully developed by us, but external studios. You will only be able to explore a small piece of a city with simple mechanics (Without driving mode, hover mode, flying mode or anything else enabled). The full game will be completely different and deliver a much better experience with many more interactive possibilities and storyline.
*Upgrades to the demo may come in the future to improve the experience of the test product. Upgraded demo will be launched by 10.05.2022.
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