AdaLand Library

Distribution Modalities

Section 4
$ALFA will be distributed according to the below pie-chart:
Team and builders
This an allocation for the 10+ people team building AdaLand and a select number of freelancers that have proven an indispensable part of the AdaLand team. These are the people who are working everyday in order to keep the AdaLand project one of the Cardano blockchain's most prominent projects.
Private sale
This is an allocation for institutional investors. Institutional investors are chosen based on their ability to provide long-term strategic and operational value in the AdaLand metaverse and adjacent functions, with particular attention on adding expertise with similar metaverse projects on other blockchains, experience fostering the best developer ecosystem possible as well as their ability to provide distribution, access and capital at scale.
Seed sale
This allocation is reserved for close friends and early supporters of AdaLand who have proven indispensable during the early days all the way until today. In addition, allocations might be provided for individual investors via syndicates that played a role in supporting AdaLand.
Liquidity and staking
This allocation allows the team of AdaLand to closely align interest with early stakeholders and players of our metaverse. These players will be able to stake their $ALA in-metaverse tokens and get rewarded with $ALFA governance tokens - thus giving them 1. increased control and governance ability in AdaLand as well as 2. financial incentive to hold through $ALFA's anti-inflationary properties that should lead to price increases.
The treasury allocation powers our in-metaverse activities and transactions, such as real estate transactions or payable metaverse games. It also plays a critical part in rewarding external developers that decide to build on top of our AdaLand Developer Portal.
Public sale
This allocation is reserved for individual investors who want to participate in the upside of AdaLand and be part of its growth story. The date for the public sale is planned for Q3 2022 and will be announced in the AdaLand Discord channel.
Development & marketing
This allocation is for future marketing and development efforts and provides a reserve in case a significant part of funds is locked in liquidity pools for some time.