AdaLand Ecosystem
Section 2
In addition to implementing the core values of Cardano inside AdaLand both virtually and philosophically, part of our long term goal is to unite the community together in an ecosystem. We believe by establishing this ecosystem, we are not only strengthening the bond between each entity and project in the Cardano space, but this will be a deciding factor that will help us to reach the ultimate goal, onboard millions of people over to the Cardano chain.
The main players in the ecoystem are:
Developer Community
Our goal is to onboard the next 10,000 developers onto the Cardano blockchain by providing them with the incentives to develop real-world utility projects. We will accomplish this by 1. allocating part of our treasury to incentivizing the developer community, 2. partnering with company partners in order to forge partnerships that benefit developers, as well as 3. following a unique social media strategy focused on providing value to developers.
Company partners
Our company partners are interested in 1. tapping into the AdaLand developer talent, 2. exposing their brand to our AdaLand community and 3. partnering on bringing applications into existence through the AdaLand metaverse
AdaLand Community
The heart of AdaLand is the community. We will onboard the next 100 million users into the world of web3. The AdaLand team has decades of experience building community driven business models - and our goal is to provide the best web3 experience for every community member through 1. In-metaverse experiences, 2. Experiences outside the metaverse (e.g. applications that run on top of the AdaLand Developer Program but do not require a presence in the metaverse) and 3. Media creation on social media and proprietary channels that a. entertain and b. educate the community. Pillar 3 is also how we convert some of our audience into developers on the Cardano blockchain by raising the transparency around the development profession & ecosystem.
AdaLand Team
The AdaLand team is knowledgeable about community building, building strong corporate partnerships as well as deeply plugged into the blockchain developer community. This enables us to coordinate all stakeholders and guarantee they mover closer into the zone of mutual benefit.
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