AdaLand Library

In-metaverse token $ALA

Section 3
$ALA will be the token that facilitates all in-metaverse transcations, including transaction as part of applications built on top of AdaLand's 'smart contract layer'.
$ALA token exhibits a number of important modalities that make it particularly well suited to serve as an in-metaverse currency:
  • Similar to fiat currencies the value of $ALA is supposed to stay stable, enabling it to serve as a reliable currency tool - users will be able to earn more $ALA through various in-metaverse mechanisms, such as playing games, building metaverse infrastructure and developing applications with utility outside of the metaverse
  • On top, in order to secure liquidity, $ALA staking will be available allowing holders to accrue attractive APY
  • Our official contract addresses will be published here once available
    • [tba]
  • Total supply of $ALA will be capped and distributed over the course of 5 years according to the distribution schedule