Welcome to AdaLand!
White Paper V1.5.3 Updated May 04 2022
Welcome to AdaLand! A true open play-to-earn, fully decentralized metaverse with the ultimate mission to establish an ecosystem that onboards millions of users on to the Cardano Blockchain.
At AdaLand our goal is to introduce the next 100 million users to the world of web3 by enabling the next 10 thousand developers to built real-world utility apps on our metaverse platform.
AdaLand sets a new standard for a futuristic landscape with sci-fi inspired characters, environments, activities and a ton more. With AdaLand, we aim to establish a metaverse for everyone on the Cardano blockchain; A metaverse that provides infinite possibilities to creatively express yourself.
AdaLand provides our users the possibility to customize your own avatar, buy and build estates, join quests and missions, buy and sell assets, earn money and explore the vast landscape AdaLand has to offer.

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